Contribute your sisters stories to the SISSUES PODCAST .

These 8 segments will be featured on our podcasts. We want to hear from you, our listeners. Pick the segment…or segments that you get you.

Sisters are not always blood, they are also born by bond.

We know there are brothers out there with some things to say about the sisters in their life too…we are offering you a safe place to share and listen. We have candy. Maybe.

Heart warming tales for the sisters soul. We sisters love hard, hug tightly and cry intensely. We would love to hear from you. Share you stories by reaching us via email.

These are the secrets all sisters have. You remember. Send us an email to tell us all about them. What do you get? We believe in reciprocity, you tell one, we tell one.

Sometimes things get ROUGH between sisters. We break up. We fall out. It’s like we fell into an episode of Jerry Springer or some shit BUT there are moments when we want to bring it back together – or you know – we understand somethings are better left to burn. We know they can be painful memories, but often, talking about them, helps. When you email us, ( you can leave a voice note to share your story or tell us what’s on your mind.

We see her, we admire her. She never stops dreaming, creating or fighting! Change is made because of her. She is not just fighting for herself, she is fighting for the good of many. Tell us about the reSISTER in your life.

Strong women have always existed, we are going to go back as far as we can to find wonderful moments in history with fabulous women who were doing it their way! Share those moments of sistory in your worlds.

We are always making one another laugh. We want to hear the stories you and your sisters share that make you pee your pants. Not that we have ever…never mind.

Remember those stories we can’t believe happened? Broken bones? Broken furniture? Those moments we lost our cool but hey, we are sisters…we got over it…kinda.


Want to get something off your mind? Any ideas for us? Feedback? Kick the ole mail sack!

Published by Your friendly neighbourhood ABOotlanders

My name is Sher, I am the creator of the ABOotlanders. We are from Alberta, Canada. We are all ABOUT-Outlander- but everyone thinks Canadians say ABOOT...not are ABOOTlanders. See...there! Word making is fun. Clear as mud when springtime in Alberta.

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