When you have sisters, you have issues.

It’s not all about blood either. We get it.

It’s us. Sher ‘n Phyl. We are sisters.

Born of the same fabulous mother, who dared to go and die on us, leaving us to fend for ourselves. It doesn’t matter we were in our 30’s and also have an older sister who is VERY bossy (she says ‘super caring’ but whatever💖😘 – We do love her. For reals) …see…ISSUES.

That folks, is why we are here. We know all of you have sisters, born of the same mom or not, have issues. We call ’em SIssues and we thought it was about time we talked about them..

Our podcasts will start out easy and breezy. We are trying to get through what we call Droughtlander. One thing we have in common is our love of Outlander, so we thought what better than to do a Rewatch of ALL the episodes and invite our online sisters to join us in our banter.

We have 6 segments we will be adding in so please contribute your stories where you can.

Podcasts will start in the 2021. Let us get through the shitshow that is 2020 first.

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