SIssues podcasts will start in the new year.

It gives us something to look forward to in 2021. We HAVE to have something right?

Sher ‘n Phyl, sisters, have Outlander in common so we decided it was the perfect jumping point to help our friends and ourselves get through the dreaded Droughtlander. We are going to start our podcasts with a weird rewatch and chitter chatter. You will quickly realize we have some…sissues.

We encourage you to send your stories to us so we can share your sissues too!

Check out our Contact Contributors, About and Contact pages.

Published by Your friendly neighbourhood ABOotlanders

My name is Sher, I am the creator of the ABOotlanders. We are from Alberta, Canada. We are all ABOUT-Outlander- but everyone thinks Canadians say ABOOT...not are ABOOTlanders. See...there! Word making is fun. Clear as mud when springtime in Alberta.

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